Scry of Lust Authors Francesca Gentille, Charlee Verrette, Sumiko Saulson and Serena Toxicat


  1. RESPECT THE FOUNDERS Respect the group’s founders, Sumiko Saulson and Serena Toxicat.  We are experienced writers who lead the group. Treat us as though we are the ones leading the group and have a certain amount of authority.
  2. NO AGGRESSIVE CRUISERS, OR CREEPS: This is a group for writers, and NOT a group for you to hook up with people by offering to spam their inbox with your personal roleplaying porn. Your writing should be designed for some sort of public consumption, even if that is only your blog or your FetLife journal. It should NOT be a thinly-veiled device to sleaze up on group members for DM roleplay. That doesn’t mean you can’t see group members socially or date them. It happens. But it does mean that people who aggressively cruise or creepers will be kicked. If you are negging people you will be warned and then kicked. 
  3. BE MINDFUL OF POTENTIAL TRIGGERS: Please tell people if your work will be triggering, and give appropriate content warnings.  You know if your work has controversial content so be considerate. The listener also has some responsibility to set limits. We are sex and kink positive and would like to avoid stopping people from reading if its possible and should see if a compromise can be worked out, but if it can’t you may be asked not to read the work.
  4. BE THOUGHTFUL WITH YOUR CRITIQUING: Any writing critiques should be constructive and designed to build up your fellow writer and improve their writing, not tear down or discourage the writer. If an author gets overwhelmed and asks you to stop critiquing their work, respect that. Writers can be sensitive creatures. Please note that this does NOT mean the author has free rein to attack critics or insist that no one can react to triggering or upsetting material. Ask a moderator handle it if you find a listener’s response problematic.
  5. TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR WORK. It is perfectly fine to promote your personal works in the group even if you don’t work on them in group as long as it doesn’t become overbearing or spammy.
  6. RESPECT COPYRIGHT AND OWNERSHIP. People’s intellectual prope

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