Scry of Lust 2 is Out!

Charitable Anthology for AIDSWalk SF, Team SFGoth #5015.

Scorching erotica to heat up your coldest nights. Darkly seductive poetry. Steaming sexy short stories, and delicious hot romances. Like it rough? Like it slow, smooth and tender? Enjoy the best of both worlds with the second installment of Scry of Lust. Plenty of Kink-Centered stories (like in the first book), more erotic poetry than ever before, and everything from monster porn, to space porn, to faerie, seacreature… well, all the porn! For a good cause: Scry of Lust is a charitable anthology raising money for San Francisco AIDSWalk through the SFGOTH Team.

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The eBook is $3.99 through Smashwords. We get 75% of the profits when you buy your eBook through Smashwords – our eBook distributor. You can also buy it here:

Hardcover for $25 through Lulu

eBook $3.99 through Smashwords

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About Us

Serena Toxicat and Sumiko Saulson, local authors and friends of more than 25 years. have been producing joint literary adventures together as Kat and Maus. Kat is Serena Toxicat, Priestess of the Temple of Bast, and Maus is Sumiko Saulson, Mauskaveli on Fetlife and creator of the Kinky Cartoon Mauskaveli.

The Scry of Lust Writer’s Group is a multicultural group queer-centered, kink positive and sex positive writers whose workshops are welcoming to those who wish to write kinky and erotic prose, Vanilla writing is also welcome. The group is 18+

About the Authors

Sumiko Saulson is a cartoonist, science-fiction, fantasy and horror writer, editor of Black Magic Women, Scry of Lust and 100 Black Women in Horror Fiction. She writes for the San Francisco BayView Newspaper. She’s pansexual, polyamorous and genderqueer (nonbinary).

Merlin Monroe, Kaleidoscope Eyes, Seruus Ualerium Tristissima Liber, Pope Uncommon the Dainty, Skunkheart, etc., has 15 names. Fey’s a muppet wannabe nun and aspiring trophy wife, longing for both a family and a temple to tend. Identifying as a toy, fear primary sexual identity isn’t gay, straight, bi, or pan, but submissive.

San Francisco-born and bred Serena Toxicat scratches out dark fiction, lyrics, plays and poetry in English and in French. She sings in a Black Catwave band called Protea, and her parallel recording projects include Starchasm. An actor, model-turned-designer, former-pro Domme, NLP life coach, and literary translator, Toxicat leads a scattered, sketchy life and delights in showing her paintings, taking part in LGBTQ+ and kink-focused activities, traveling and collecting tattoos. Serena is a psychic reader, healer, priestess and feline Tarot deck creator.

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