Skunkheart, Sumiko Saulson and Serena Toxicat at the San Mateo County Fair 2019

8:00 pm – Announcements and Getting Settled – People chit-chat and get their coffee and food. 

8:15 pm – Introductions – Give the group your name, pronouns, and a brief statement about your writing goals and experience, and what you hope to get from the group. 

8:30 pm – Free Write – People start to write on their computers, cellphones, or in their journals or what have you. Feel free to ask the group if you’ve forgotten a pen, paper or pad and need something to write on. Ask a moderator if you need a writing prompt. Silence is encouraged during free write.

8:00 pm – Check In – Check to see how the free write is going and if people need an extra half an hour. The number of people and how many will want to read later can be factored in. Usually a formality as most often, people want to keep writing, but if there are a lot of people who want to read you may end the free-write early. 

8:25 pm – Announce the End of Free Write. Usually, a five minute warning is given before free-write comes to an end at 8:30 pm. It takes about 5 minutes for people to read and get feedback, so end free-write early if there are more than 5 people who want to read.

8:30 pm – Reading – Everyone is encouraged to read and get feedback, but it is not required. You may decline to get any feedback, if you wish. Feel free to end feedback at any time, as it is always consensual. 

8:55 pm – Pass the Hat Around, End Off – Send a collection plate around for donations to support the group at some point between 9:00 pm – 9:30 pm, depending on when we finish. 

9:00 pm  – End of Workshop- People may arrange rides, decide who is going to clubs or to carpool But please try to leave before the venue closes at 10pm. 

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